Week of March 25 -29


I hope everyone has had a great March break week.  It certainly went by very fast.

► Monday is day 2

► My theme will be spring.

► My chef Lydia

► Tuesday is our library day.  Please return any books you may have at home.

► I added some new photos on the blog page under ‘photos”  We have had a very busy February and March.  We had some special green treats on our last day.  We had green jello, green juice, St. Patrick’s day cupcakes and green apples.  Yummy !!!  There are also some pictures of some creative block building that the children did.  Awesome !!!

► Message of the week

Bonjour les amis,

J’aime jouer avec mes amis.

J’aime jouer dans la pluie.

J’aime jouer dans la boue.

J’aime jouer au soleil.

J’aime jouer dans les tulipes.

C’est le printemps!!

► In math we will be working on measurements and starting 3D objects.

► We will be doing lots of writing this week and using the word wall to create these sentences.  We will also be doing mixed up sentences.  These are all activities that parents can continue at home with the materials that were sent home in September.    We will also be doing lots of reviewing of letters, letter sounds, sight words etc…  while using the reading and writing strategies that they have learned over these last few months.  Please note that it’s important that parents continue the homework supports at home.  Our classroom work is getting harder as we move on in our curriculum and all the extra help will certainly not do any harm.  Parents can choice one area and work on that for homework that night.

►  Please return the purple duo tang and book for Monday.  New books will be going home Friday.

► Thank you to parents and grandparents that came to our last skate.  Your help was certainly appreciated.

► Parents can send in their child’s school bag a pair of splash pants.  They can stay in the school bag for those not so cold days but wet days.

► Alphabet letter U

► HWT – We have completed printing of  all the upper case letters.  We will now move on to the lower case practicing.

► HOME AND SCHOOL – Our next Home & School meeting will be held this evening, March 13th at 6:45 p.m.  Hope to see you all there!.

► COMMUNITY NEWS – Sherwood-Parkdale Rangers Soccer Club offers recreational and competitive programs for all ages.

In person registration dates:

Saturday, April 6 10:00am to 2:00pm. Room 149 House of Sport (Royalty Center)

Saturday, April 13 11:00am to 1:00pm. Room 149 House of Sport (Royalty Center)

Tuesday, April 16 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Room 149 House of Sport (Royalty Center)

Online registration will be available starting late March.

Please visit our website www.sherwoodparkdalerangers.ca and Facebook site www.facebook.com/SherwoodRangersSoccer  for more information on all our programs.

I think that’s it !!  Have great weekend.  🙂





Week of March 11 – 15


I want to thank all the parents that came in to see me during parent teacher interviews.  It was so nice to sit down and discuss your child’s progress and life here at school. There will be no more interviews for this year.  If I feel I need to meet with parents before the end of the school year, I will contact parents individually in June.

► Monday is day 3

► Library Monday, please return any books.

► My chef is Maize

► My theme will be St. Patrick’s

►Please return any sold and unsold ticket and money for the cash draw for Monday.

► No guided reading duo tangs went home yesterday.  It was a short week so we will continue next week.

► I will be absent on Tuesday March 12th.  Madame Uterlinde will be replacing me.  Please send any notes in your child’s homework bag and contact the office if there are any late day changes.

► Our final skate will be held on Friday March 15th at 8h45.  I would appreciate any extra help for our skate.  Merci !

► Report cards go home Friday.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

► The children can wear green on Friday for St. Patrick’s Day.   We will also be having a few green treats.

► Show and tell Friday – they can bring in a toy or picture related to Saint-Patrick’s – a clover,  a Leprecon, a black pot, gold coins etc…

Message of the week

Bonjour les amis,

Regarde ! Je vois un arc-en-ciel, dit le Farfadet.

Regarde ! Je vois un trèfle vert, dit le Farfadet.

Regarde ! Je vois un Pot d’or, dit le Farfadet.

Regarde ! Je vois un trésor, dit le Farfadet.

Joyeuse Saint-Patrick


►In writing, we continue with writing sentences with our sight words and word wall.  We will also be practicing proper bookmaking and picture making strategies.  Parents can continue the homework practices at home throughout the week.

► We didn’t have a chance to do our science experiment this past week so hopefully we will be able to do it this coming week.

► In math, we continue with number representation and we will be doing some measurements.

► alphabet letter T and U

► Lots of review of our sight words, letter sounds and phonological awareness.  These are all things that your child can practice at home.

► Please take advantage of the last few months of the EYE SEE Program.  It is just for kindergarten students.

I think that’s all !!!  Have a great weekend.  🙂


Week of March 4 – 8


It has been a very cold and long week for everyone.  Being stuck inside all week certainly affected everyone.  They were happy to go out today.  🙂

► Monday is day 6

► No library this coming week due to the Scholastic Book Fair.  Please check at home for any books.  I will be sending home slips next week to indicate any over due books.

► No school next Friday March 8th for parent/teacher interviews.

► My theme will be Les transport (transportation)

► My chef is Xavier

Message of the week.

Bonjour les amis

Regarde, c’est une ambulance.

Regarde, c’est un tracteur.

Regarde, c’est une autobus scolaire.

Regarde, c’est un camion de pompier.

Regarde, c’est une voiture de police.


► SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR – Our second book fair of the year will be open for student viewing on Monday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 5. Student purchasing will be on Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7.  All classes have assigned times for viewing and purchasing. The book fair will be open for purchasing during parent teacher interviews on Thursday, March 7 from 3-7:30 PM and on Friday, March 8 from 9 AM – 12 PM.. We would like to thank all families for the support they have given to our book fairs in the past. With this support, we have added many resources to our library, classroom libraries, and our literacy lab.

HOME AND SCHOOL – Spring Cash Draw is underway and a reminder that all tickets sold or unsold must be returned to the school no later than March 5th.  Draw Date is March 11th

► Guided reading duo tangs are going home today.  Please return them for Monday.

► In math, we will begin our measurements module.  We will also continue reviews and practicing – representing a number, counting, patterns etc.

► Handwriting without tears letters – A and I

► Alphabet letter R

► No show and share next week.

► Lots of reading and writing will be happening as well next week.  We will try to squeeze in a science experiment.

Have a great weekend  🙂


Week of February 25 – March 1


Another short but busy week has gone by in kindergarten.  Just a reminder that there is no school Monday, February 25th – PD Day.

► Tuesday is Day 2

► My theme will be Les métiers  (careers)

► My chef will be Casey

► Library on Wednesday.  Please return all library books.

► Guided reading will get back on track this coming week.

► Please return your parent/teacher interview slips for Tuesday.   Interviews will be held on March 7 and 8th.

► PINK SHIRT DAY – On February 27th we encourage everyone to wear something pink to show that we are all working together to prevent bullying in our school, our communities and online.

► Bonne Fête Bronson February 27th.

► Handwriting without Tears letter O and Q

► Alphabet letter Q

► In math, we will begin adding and subtracting.  We will also continue number representation.

► Our last class skate will be held on Friday March 15th.

► We will continue practicing our sight words, letter sounds and alphabet in class.  Please continue working on these concepts at home.  It’s important for both home and school to work together in all areas of your child’s development.

► Please make sure to check and return your child’s homework bag each day.  Also, just a reminder to put all notes and/or money in the homework bag and NOT in their lunch box or school bag.  I do not check in these two places.  I only check homework bags.

► A reminder that when there is an hour delay in the mornings, there is no breakfast program.

► Please check that your child’s change of clothes from their school bag still fit them.  Also, during interview times, parents can give their child’s indoor shoes the once over to make sure they are still in good shape .  You can also ask your child if their shoes are too tight.

► NO show and share this week.

Have a great week !!  🙂


Week of February 18 – 22


I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend.   Thank you so much to parent who came to help with the skate on Friday.  Your help is certainly appreciated.   Thank you as well to all those who attended out Valentine’s Tea.  I am very proud of all the children.  They worked very hard in preparation for this special event.

► No school Monday for Islander Day.

► Our theme this coming week Les émotions  (emotions)

► My chef is Bronson

► No library next week.

Message of the week

Bonjour les amis,


Je suis content.

Je suis fâché.

Je suis fatigué.

Je suis triste.

je suis excité.

Je suis calme.

J’ai des émotions.

►  Assessments have begun.   I am looking forward to  going the results of your child’s assessment at parent / teacher interview time which will be on March 7th (after school and evening)  and 8th.  Slips with your date and time will be sent home soon.  We usually keep the same times as from the last set of interviews.

► I will be absent on Wednesday Feb. 20th.  The kindergarten teachers will be at a workshop all day.  Madame Uterlinde will be replacing me.  Please note that she does not have access to my emails.  Please send a note in homework bags if there are any changes in your child’s end of day routine.  If anything should change throughout the day, please notify the office.

► Alphabet letter P

► Handwriting Without Tears program letter Z and C  (letter printing practice)

► We continue reviewing all our letter sounds in our Jolly Phonics letters sounds everyday.

► Parents please continue practicing letters, letters sounds, reading and sight words at home.  You should have all the materials needed in the homework duo tang that I sent home back in September.

► Show and share Friday.  The children can bring in one toy from home.

► We will be getting back on track with our guided reading next week.  We will continue reading in small groups throughout the week.

I think that’s it.  Enjoy your weekend.  🙂



Week of February 11 – 15


It has been a busy week in kindergarten.   We had our Chinese New Year presentation on Tuesday.  It was amazing and informative as usual.  We learned all about their traditions, dance, decorations and food.  I added some photos of the children using chop sticks and Cheerios.  It also made for a great fine motor activity.   I sent home a red envelope that had a book mark inside.   We also made some Chinese lanterns as a craft.

► Monday is day 6.

► My chef is Kyleigh

► My theme will continue to be Valentine’s. I will have the same message of the week as last week.   We have been working on the sight words that are in the message.  For example:  find the word ______ etc..  Please continue working on sight words, alphabet (upper and lower) at home.

  • Valentine’s Day Tea:  Our class will also be hosting a Valentine’s Day Tea on Thursday, February 14th at 9:30 am.  Each student invited one family member (parent, older sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle, for example) to attend the tea and enjoy a snack with him/her.  Family members may enter the school through the doors closest to the the Gymnasium/Mobiles and do not need to sign in at the Office, for this special event only.
  • Valentine’s Day Card Exchange:  Our class will be exchanging Valentine’s Day cards on Thursday, February 14th as well.  Please have your child write a card to each student in our class.  A class list was emailed to parents.  If you did not receive the list via email, please let me know and I will resend the list.
  • Valentine Dress-Up Day:  Students are invited to dress in REDPINKWHITE or PURPLE in celebration of Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14th, if they wish.

PINK SHIRT DAY – On February 27th we encourage everyone to wear something pink to show that we are all working together to prevent bullying in our school, our communities and online.  Pink Shirt Day comes from two Nova Scotia High School students who decided to take a stand against bullying in their own school.

► Our skate will be on Friday February 15th at 8h45.  I will meet parents at the rink.

► Alphabet letter P

► Jolly Phonics letters en

► Assessments have begun.  I am looking forward to  going the results of your child’s assessment at parent / teacher interview time which will be on March 7th and 8th.  Slips with your date and time will be sent home soon.  We usually keep the same day/ times as  the last set of interviews.

► NO show and share this coming week.

► Library on Thursday.  Please return any books.

► No guided reading duo tangs went home this week and they will not be going home next week.  We will get back on track the week of February 18th.

► Dates to remember

February 14th – Valentine’s tea @ 9h30

February 15th – skating @ 8h45

February 18th –  Islander Day – no classes

February 25th – PD Day – no classes

February 27th – Pink Shirt Day

That’s it for now.  Have a great weekend. 🙂




Week of February 4 -8


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  A bit chilly but it’s February on PEI.

► Monday is day 2

► Library on Tuesday.  Please return any books.

► My theme is Valentine

► My chef is Gabe.

► We taste test some turnip last week.  I think the children were surprised that turnip sticks are really not that bad.  They said they tasted like carrots.  I added some pictures on my blog photo page.  We will continue with a couple more taste testings this week.

► We had a good outing at the Superstore.  We learned about healthy choices and their 1,2, 3 star nutrition rating system.  Very interesting.  We also had a healthy snack that the children created with apple slices, berries and lots of other toppings.   I added some pictures on my photo blog page.

► A reminder of our Valentine’s Day Tea on February 14th @ 9h30 am in our class.  I will send more details later.   The activity takes about an hour.  This is also an activity to work on math counting and parents may need to help their child add up the totals at the end.  We use math counters are money.  Please keep in mind that we only have room for one parent.  If a parent can’t make it,  a grand parent or sibling (within the school) can also attend.  Please let me know who will be attending the tea.  Merci 🙂

Valentine’s Day Card Exchange:  Our class will be exchanging Valentine’s Day cards on ThursdayFebruary 14th as well.  Please have your child write a card to each student in our class.  A class list will be sent.

► Please return your child’s purple reading duo tang for Monday.

► Show and tell Friday – the children can bring in something related to Valentine’s – a heart, a flower, cupid, etc… They can even draw something.

► Jolly Phonics letters on

► Alphabet letter O

► My message of the week

Bonjour les amis,

C’est la Saint-Valentin.

Regarde la carte.

Regarde Cupidon.

Regarde le coeur.

Regarde la fleur.

Regarde les chocolats.

Joyeuse Saint-Valentin !

► COLD AND FLU SEASON – The school has had an increasing number of students coming to school when they are not feeling well.  We ask that children who are not feeling well be kept home to receive the rest and recuperation that they need.  We appreciate your cooperation in this manner to avoid the further risk of spreading illness.

► Our next skate will be on Friday February 15th at 8h45.  I will once again need parents to come and help with skates etc.  Please remember that everyone that goes on the ice must wear a helmet.

► Please make sure your child has a change of clothes, extra socks and mittens in their school bag.  Parents may want to check to make sure that the change of clothes still fits them.  They have grown so much since the start of the year.

► In Math we will continue numbers representation  1 – 10.  We have been playing some cute interactive games on the Smart board.

► Eye See … Eye Learn Program

To ensure children get the best possible start to their education, the Eye See … Eye Learn program provides one free eye exam and, if required, one free pair of glasses during their kindergarten year.

Please note: The PEI Association of Optometrists and eyewear sponsors, VisionTech Labs PEI and Viva Canada have partnered with Health PEI to offer this eye health and vision awareness program for kindergarten children. 

Why is it important for my child to have an eye exam? When children start school, 80 per cent of their classroom learning is through vision. Regular eye exams give them the start they need to reach their learning potential. Eye exams can identify health problems and conditions such as a turned or lazy eye. These conditions may be successfully treated if they are identified early in a child’s life. It is recommended that infants should have their first eye exam at six months of age.

How do I register my child for an eye exam?

  1. Book an appointment with anoptometrist for your kindergarten child.
  2. Bring your child’s PEI Health Card and private insurance information with you to the appointment.
  3. If your optometrist is unable to bill your insurance provider directly, you will have to pay up front and be reimbursed. Submit your claim to your insurance provider, then complete and submit an application for co-pay reimbursement [PDF | 70 KB] to Health PEI for the remaining amount.

► I hope homework is going well (duo tangs that were sent home in September) Please note that all the items on the homework instructions do not have to be done each night.  Parents can pick and choose what they want to work on and on the nights that work best for your family.  It’s a resource for parents to help support your child at home.   If you have any concerns, please let me know.

Dates to remember:

February 5th –  Class presentation from the Newcomers Association for Chinese New Year

February 14th – Valentine’s Day Tea @ 9h30 (in our classroom)

February 15th – Skate 8h45 – 9h45

February 18th –  Islander Day – no classes

February 25th – PD Day no school

I think that’s it.  Have a great week. 🙂